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Winner of the Continental Modeller Trophy at Warley 2018


On30 Scale - North American

Set in the mountains of Colorado,

East of Silverton in the shadow of Solomon’s Mountain around the turn of the century.


Feather River gushes down the gorge under three railroad bridges all of different style. The upper is of “A” Frame construction, the middle is a “Truss” Frame and the lower is a massive “Trestle” typical of the railroad bridges found all over the United States. As there is a plentiful supply of timber in this area of the US, all of the bridges and buildings in the settlement are built of wood.


The layout is to On30 scale (7mm/ft O gauge running on HO track) and is in fact two layouts. The upper section is a logging line, the lower section serves Solomon’s mine and its settlement with both freight and passenger trains.


All bridges and some of the buildings were Scratch Built by one of our members.

Four Feather Falls was featured in the July 2019 issue of Continental Modeller.

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