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Club member Will has been busy with another project for his layout Craiglang. He describes some of the process below.

I had a space for something interesting to fill a gap on the street creation for Craiglang’s new extension. I have a penchant for all things Art Deco and I considered a cinema would not be out of place. Art Deco does lend itself well to a 3D structure and even though the structure is low relief and part of a backscene, I considered it a possibility.

A Google search of Scottish cinemas revealed a number of possibilities although some shrinkage in size would have to be applied for my own needs. Deciding on a style, using my architect’s hat, a three elevation drawing was created as a basis. Some massaging of the design was applied for practical reasons during construction.

Once again, for lightness in transportation and ease of cutting, 5mm foam board was my chosen material. Again, “canopy glue” was the chosen adhesive for construction as PVA unequal tension could not be risked.

For the corners, plenty of structural depth was given to the corners prior to sanding to shape. The radiused corners and the whole building are then covered in 240gsm white card for a continuous smooth finish. The whole structure is then sprayed with a white primer.

I sprayed a sheet of the card with “Jade” polyurethane paint from a rattle can. This was then used to cut and create the various contrasting green details over the surface which were so prevalent in Art Deco structures.

The “ABC” logo and “Majestic” name were chosen from what was available in Google images. Likewise the poster images were selected to date the performances “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Dr No” for the year 1962.

Unfortunately my laptop has crashed, and I was unable to create anything from the Silhouette cutter. Therefore all had to be produced in the old fashioned way. The window frames became a bit monotonous to produce using card strip. The shiny kick plates and push bars on the doors are created with card coated in tinfoil.

Overall, a satisfying project.

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