Mossmorran TMD - OO Gauge

Mossmorran TMD: OO - British 

Mossmorran Traction Maintenance Depot is a fictitious layout based on a typical Network Rail TMD from the year 2000 onwards which allows a varied selection of locomotives from varies companies to use it.
The layout name comes from the Mossmorran Natural Gas Plant (NGL) in Fife and the TMD is fictitiously located on the upper Southside of the high ground. The unique back-scene which is nearly 14ft long uses about 65 photos stitched together and printed out in 6 individual sections.
The TMD has the usual facilities, a twin road loco servicing shed with a pit and jacking facilities, diesel fuel storage tanks, a fuel drop off point, 3 x refuelling bays, a single road wagon/serving shed,  an oil and liquids storage area, scrap parts areas for recycling, some offices and a power control box.